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Saskatoon or Serviceberry


Growth: Saskatoon Serviceberry grows 3-15 ft. (1-5m) tall, sometimes taller.  It is relatively short-lived; most will live about 20 years but some have survived to 85.

Habitat:  It grows in a variety of habitats from rocky shorelines, stream banks, and open forests to prairies and dry mountain slopes. Wetland designation: FACU, It usually occurs in non-wetlands, but occasionally is found on wetlands.

Use by Wildlife: Saskatoon serviceberry is a valuable wildlife plant.  Many species of rodents and songbirds eat the fruits, including chipmunks, crows, thrushes, robins and Western Tanagers.  Black Bears, beaver, marmots, and hares eat twigs, foliage, fruits and bark.  Moose elk, and deer, especially Mule Deer, browse the twigs and foliage; however due to the high concentration of cyanogenic glycosides in young twigs, a diet consisting of  more than 35% Saskatoon Serviceberry may be fatal.

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Amelanchier alnifolia

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