Birdathon is an annual fundraiser for WCNC that was started by Susan Peterson back in 2012 as a fun way to get outside and enjoy the beautiful birds around us, while raising critical funds for the Wildlife Center.  Now in its 5th year, we want to make it the best yet!

This is an all-ages, family-friendly event and a great way to start birding.  Build a team or compete on your own, collect pledges or straight donations, and then keep track of the species you see—it’s easy-peasy!



General Rules:

The Birdathon should be a fun event whereby participants of all ages and abilities can enjoy watching and listening to the birds.
However, the Birdathon is also an important fund raising event to help support the Wildlife Center of the North Coast. With this in mind, the following participation rules have been established to ensure a fun and fair event. All team leaders should inform each team member of the rules. Thank you for your support and cooperation!

  • If two or more people are on a team, in order to count a new species, the species must be heard or seen by at least two people.
  • Team members must remain within sight and hearing distance of each other to count a new bird species to the list. Meaning team members should not be dropped off along a road or trail while other team members drive or walk ahead to search another area, even if they are in sight of one another.
  • The use of playbacks should be avoided. Enjoy the birds you find with your eyes and ears!
  • Each individual should solicit the necessary pledges
  • Remember to have fun and enjoy time spent watching the birds!


Each Team or Individual should have:

  • a bird checklist for the area in which you’ll be birding,       Oregon Checklist     Washington Checklist
  • an understanding of general rules and instructions, and
  • a pledge form (or two) for each team member.

Start scouting as early as possible and report on any rarities or good birding areas you find: it is important for all teams to share this information BEFORE the Big Day – the more birds each team sees, the more pledge money raised.  It is up to each team individually whether or not it wants to give/receive birding tips DURING the Big Day.

Each team/individual decides its own itinerary. In the past the boundaries have been Clatsop County, but we have opened it up to any place on the planet!


Download your pledge sheet here!

Be sure to fill in the top of the pledge sheet; ask if you’re unsure of your team’s estimated species total. Special prize is given to the individual (not team) who secures the greatest amount of pledges.


Pledges should be collected no later May 1, 2017 and sent to either:
Susan Peterson                     or                Wildlife Center of the North Coast
1195 Avenue F                                          PO Box 1232
Seaside, OR 97138                                   Astoria, OR 97103

Donations can also be made below:


For questions or additional information, please contact Susan Peterson 503-739-1905